Modular Electricity Metering

The emlite modular metering system has been designed to meet the many challenges that surround early AMR and Smart Metering deployments. Through the versatility of modularity, the emlite system caters for hot swappable communication and functionality upgrades without the need to remove or replace the MID approved metering device from the installation, saving money and time . The range of modular meters cater for the majority of metering installations and tariff types supported by the UK energy industry:

  1. Standard Single Element
  2. Single Element with 100Amp load control (5 terminal)
  3. Twin Element (with second off-peak measuring circuit)

Emlite modular meters may be installed as part of a smart ready deployment where they will function as per normal utility metering until upgraded with an appropriate module. Base meter functionality is dependent on variant; however, all models include the following as
a minimum:

  1. 4 quadrant energy measurement
  2. 50 time-of-use rate registers (for
    each quadrant)
  3. Power quality recording - sags, swells, volts, current etc.
  4. Physical supply disconnect breakers

Have you thought about Smart-ready?

Many utilities are still replacing meters as part of a periodic meter change.

By installing emlite module meters in place of 'dumb' meters, utilities and asset owners can reduce asset stranding and the cost of future smart upgrades.

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