In-Home Energy Monitoring

To complement our Smart Metering products, emlite provide a range of In-Home energy monitors.

Our energy monitors offer at-a-glance energy usage information to the consumer, enabling them to make an informed decision on their energy usage. When connected to our smart meters, our monitors provide accurate energy usage and cost information based on the utilities set tariff.

With communications based on the ZigBee Smart Energy profile, the unit provides functionality in based on the UK SMIP In-home display specification, including -

  1. Gas and electricity information
  2. Historic usage information
  3. Cost of energy usage
  4. Prepayment information
  5. Billing Information

Solar Generation Monitoring...

In connection with our generation metering products we also provide a selection of switch devices and displays aimed at the optimisation of Solar PV usage.

These devices allow the owner to better utilise the generated energy in the home maximising the benefit of installation.

Please contact us for further details.