Single Rate Meter for Utility and Generation Metering

The ECA2 single phase meter is one of the worlds most compact metering units and ideally suited for a utility’s basic single rate meter requirements or used as a generation meter connected to a Solar PV or Micro-generation installation where a claim is made for Feed-in-Tariff payments.

The meter provides measurement of active (kWh) energy in both import and export directions with registers shown on the large easy to read LCD display.

The electronic meter is highly reliable and capable of withstanding high voltage events and overcurrent without failure. Accuracy is a given and the meter carries a full MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approval. The meter is resistant to tamper with reverse energy fraud detection and sealing for life.

The meter features an optical port conforming to IEC 629056-21 allowing meter readings to be collected electronically using a standard industry probe and software tool. The port also allows configuration of the meter.

To allow connection of the meter to a Business Management System or other equipment, an electronic pulsed output version is available.

Automatic Reading of Generation Metering...

Many FIT tariff claimants such as local authorities are unable to read meters manually. To simplify this activity we also offer an Automatic Meter Reading system specially designed for this purpose using the cellular phone network.