Automatic Meter Reading by GPRS

Automatic Reading of Micro-Generation and Limited Access Sites

Installed as an expansion module to any of the emlite modular meters, the AMR module is the ideal solution for the remote collection of readings from limited access sites including Micro-generation installations or sites where conventional meter reading is not possible. The module uses the cellular network’s GPRS service to allow any of the meter readings or associated usage information to be read remotely by a data collection system. New meter settings may also be remotely configured via the module.

The module also provides access to 120 days of Half-Hourly readings for both import and export active energy (kWh).

Installation is simplified, achieving high reliability, as the meter features a network signal strength indicator within the meter display. This allows meter installers to monitor network reception before leaving site knowing that the module can communicate effectively.

Although the module may be fitted with an external antenna, an optimised internal antenna design results in outstanding communications even in low signal strength areas.

Data Collection Services...

We have a network of data collection service providers in place to allow meters to be read as part of managed services across many levels. Additionally we are able to offer software packages to allow you to collect you own data.

We are also able to offer competitive airtime and data provisioning packages via our partners. These include network resilient SIM’s providing automatic network roaming ensuring optimum network availability.

Please contact us for further details.